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“What do you mean? How is that possible? Are we going to promote people who have abandoned their profession? And what’s more, those who have not even finished their studies?!” That is what I heard from the members of a very respectable association whom I kindly asked for the cooperation with SARP in completing this project. “On the contrary, they are going to promote us, our University and our town and we will be given an opportunity to bask in the light of their talent and uniqueness” – I replied.

The idea of this book developed last year. One December night we were sitting on a sofa with a glass of wine in hand, recollecting – together with Wojtek Plewiński – our mutual friends. Wojtek said that many of his colleagues from the Krakow Faculty of Architecture abandoned the profession of architecture and had made it in other fields. It crossed my mind that I also knew several such unusual people. Together we managed to list over a dozen of such names. It occurred to us that we had to do something about it – write it down somehow, make it public, find all those we did not know about at that time. Before the party was over, Wojtek came up with the title: ARCHITECTS BEYOND ARCHITECTURE.

And thus the thrilling adventure began.

The list of the persons, the potential “Architects Beyond” developed spontaneously. Mostly through our social contacts. The reaction of persons invited to participate in our project differed; from surprise and astonishment, to an obvious approval or even to doubts: “do I fit into this splendid company?”. The majority of our prospective protagonists, however, with whom we managed to get in touch, said yes and sent their biographical notes and additional materials.

Meeting each of the protagonists or persons who inherited the artistic estate of those who have passed away, has given me an enormous satisfaction and allowed me to experience some unforgettable moments. I wish to thank everybody for their help and patience in enabling me to make a book of fascinating, though seemingly distant fields and areas which were discovered for us - beyond architecture. These areas have, in a way, a common denominator. The book ARCHITECT BEYOND ARCHITECTURE would not be possible without your, Ladies and Gentlemen, kind contribution and cooperation.

Moreover, this publication would not be possible without the firm approval of the project and support on the part the Rector of the Krakow University of Technology, Professor Kzimierz Furtak, the considerable cooperation and help of the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Professor Dariusz Kozlowski, the subsidy granted by the Mecenat Małopolski, the support of the Department of Strategy of the Krakow City Office and my friend Bogdan Szubielski and – a spontaneous offer of cooperation from Jerzy Donimirski.

I wish to thank everybody from my heart.

Krystyna Łyczakowska
Copyright by Konrad Glos, Rafal Zub 2010